Reed Ecological Design LLC

We believe in caring for your yard in a manner that not only results in beauty but also does not unduly impact the surrounding environment. Your yard should be a healthy place for kids to play, your plants should support the local ecology, including birds, butterflies, and you, and rainwater falling on your yard should refresh the nearby streams. Helping people be surrounded by beautiful, healthy places is not only what Reed Ecological Design does but why it exists.

Services - Ecologically Sensitive Design

If you are thinking about a small ornamental garden or wondering what to do with your whole yard, we can help. Our designs focus on native plants, natural rain water flow, aesthetics, and balance. Depending on your needs, we can provide a quick detailed drawing with plant recommendations and instructions or follow a whole design process incorporating your desires with one or more feedback sessions.

Services - Installations with Integrity

We are experts in converting lawn areas back into beautiful prairies, in rain gardens, and in native flower beds. Need a raised garden bed built for fresh veggies? We can build that too and we do it all keeping a focus on quality, function, and beauty.

Services - Organic Gardening Maintenance

To keep your ornamental gardens and yards looking great, we do periodic maintenance visits, including Spring and Fall cleanups. We do not use any synthetic chemicals, but weed with our hands. We are extremely knowledgeable and adept at pruning.


Patrick E. Reed, MLA


Reed Ecological Design offers a free initial site visit and consultation (Just ask!) and happily services Ann Arbor, Michigan and the surrounding areas. Licensed and insured.